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Welcome to Abby’s Food Court! I am Abby, a registered dietitian and attorney striving to live a healthy, low waste life.

While practicing law in New York City, I often felt like succeeding in my job required that I sacrifice my health. After a few months at my first job, I was not feeling like myself. I lacked my usual energy and ability to concentrate. I put my strong research skills to work, seeking out the most effective way for me to prioritize my health. Along the way, I discovered that my true passion was for nutrition and wellness. I returned to school to study nutrition with the goal of becoming a registered dietitian.

I also live a low waste lifestyle. I am very conscious of the waste that I produce and my everyday choices and habits reflect my commitment to living sustainably.

I know what it is like to return home late after a long work day and have no energy or desire to prepare a gorgeous, perfectly styled, and nutritionally balanced meal. And I know how helpful it is to have trust-worthy resources to rely on to live a healthy life. My goal for Abby’s Food Court is to provide you with those resources. I want to help you realize, like I did, that you can be healthy and reduce your waste while working a full-time, demanding, and stressful job.

my philosophy

My food and life philosophy focuses on one concept: reducing waste. Reducing the physical waste (i.e., garbage, plastic, single-use items) that I produce is empowering. It is essential to protect our environment and to live a sustainable, eco-friendly life. I use Abby’s Food Court to showcase how I do just this in my everyday life.

What’s the bonus to reducing physical waste? It naturally leads to healthier eating and healthier living− the healthiest foods are unprocessed and unpackaged.

My concept of reducing waste does not stop at physical waste; it applies to all forms of waste. How much time do you waste thinking about what to eat, how much to eat, when to exercise, what to eat after you exercise, etc.? How much energy do you waste stressing about meal preparation for you and your family? Many struggles that prevent us from reducing the physical waste in our lives parallel those that prevent us from living the healthiest life. We need to be prepared and well informed to reduce all forms of waste. That’s where Abby’s Food Court can help.

Let’s focus on reducing all forms of waste together.

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